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  • 5 Fabulous Disney Princess Cosplay Ideas 👸

    Cosplay parties are extremely fun yet it can be a daunting process – from thinking of the costume to how you want your makeup, sometimes you’re n...
  • Rave Round Up - Pre Christmas

    Some of the best DNB, House/Tech & Urban events coming up this next fortnight! 💃🕺 Get your rave plans in motion with our event recommendations. Keep an eye on our page every other Wednesday for our Wednesday Rave Round Up 📅👀
  • Review of MK Arena - BLOW: Camelphat, Andrea Oliva, Detlef, Eli Brown, Max Chapman

    We answer 10 Quick Fire Questions to give you Review of the venue MK Arena (Planet Ice) in Milton Keynes, which hosted the event Blow ft. Camelphat, Andrea Oliva, Detlef, Eli Brown, Max Chapman on the 6th April 2019.
  • Slap A Raver, Save A Raver

    Sometimes you've just got to do what you to do. All in the name of helping your friends and bringing them back to their senses of course! This comical video depicts the horrible occurrence of deteriorating raving motivation in the winter and the struggles some ravers have to go through to get their pals head's back in the game.
  • Let it Roll Winter 2019 Review – 'A winter Rave' by Roman Suter

    Summer is on its way and everyone's rearing up for festival season but Roman reminds us that winter wasn’t a write off for everyone. …He made the t...
  • "I'm Keeping My Tent"

    Here at My Festival Friend we’re doing our best to encourage festivalgoers to limit their environmental impact. At the heart of this is the I’m Keeping My Tent Campaign, encouraging every festivalgoer to buy better quality tents: MFF Recommended For Quality tents, which they are happy to keep and reuse time and again rather than leaving them at festivals.

  • My Festival Friend Vision

    We’re going to inspire festival plans, bring new life to the rave scene and make it impossible to not get hyped up for the summer ahead! ...We are going to be that naughty site that you slip onto at work when your heads overloaded with tedious stuff and you need an escape!