Review of MK Arena - BLOW: Camelphat, Andrea Oliva, Detlef, Eli Brown, Max Chapman

🏃🔥 Quickfire 10 Questions:

Speed getting in?

(7) Queue moved steadily, took 5-10 minutes

What was the security like on the way in?

(5) There was a dog, which always gets people on edge but the tap down by security was pretty standard. One cretin in the crew obvs got caught with something but security let him in.

Were all the staff and security friendly?

(3) People at the bars were pretty cool but the security enjoyed being complete jam rolls. Two of our group accidently wandered a couple of metres out of the venue an hour before the end getting some fresh air, neither smoked so I don’t think they were quite aware that wasn’t the smoking area but they weren’t allowed back in. Also, one of the party left their coat in the venue and the bouncers were insisting he had to wait until everyone had left before going back into retrieve it. Obviously we jumped into special ops stealth mode and gave him the slip.

What was the lighting like at the venue?

(5) There were lasers, smoke machines and good visuals behind the stage + flame throwers popping off throwers every now and again, which were cool.  But having been to printworks, a similar sized venue twice recently it was no comparison to the light show you see there. Okay I know that’s a bit of an unfair comparison.

Did the venue provide good visual setting? Was there any added production?

(3) The high roof and rafters and enormous size of the venue made it quite cool for a venue for a rave, it had more of a festival tent feel to it, but there wasn’t nothing in the way of decorations like you would find in festival tents and only coming from the stage, so the back of the rave looked pretty boring.

What was it like buying drinks? Price of drinks, the system, drink queues, number of bars in the venue?

(4) Drinks were pretty pricey I felt, I was too wavey to remember prices but the non-refundable token system is just set up to piss people if you ask me. There were 2 big bars that I can remember and I don’t think we had to wait long for a drink at any point.

Quality of Music?

(9) The music was on point like a pencil, the tech-house sounds were sublime! Camelphat were great live. I’d defo go to see them again!

What was the atmosphere like in the venue? Good vibes? Feel safe?

(8) Atmosphere was great, really good vibes in there I felt, large venue made it easy to socialise towards the back when you need to take a break from raving.  They didn’t pack the venue out stupidly which was good too.

Did Planet Ice’s layout make it a good music venue?

(7) The venue was just one massive room resembling a humungous warehouse with extremely high rafters and ceiling. Although it was cramped at the front with people wanting to be as close to the action as possible, there was loads of space at the back if you wanted room to dance or socialise.

What were the acoustics like in the venue?

(7) The music carried very well I think, I feel like the Planet Ice arena’s high ceiling created a terrific echo which made the sound carry all the way to the back of the of the building.


(7) Seeing it isn’t a week-in-week-out music venue I thought it provided a banging rave and entertained a huge capacity of people! The closer they put events to summer though I feel like they will have to step up production because the big summer events do put on such amazing shows and the Planet Ice warehouse is so big it easy for it to look quite bland! But overall they pulled off a sick event in a location much closer to many people than London is. All the team seemed happy to go back again.


(Before the messiness got fully underway ^ ft. Blinkin' Bills + some big fugly knees)


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