My Festival Friend Vision

First of all, this site has been made through a love of festivals and a love of raving. There are not many people that could know the scene better and we’re using this to our advantage. Over the next six months you’re going to see more wacky, funny party items as well as funky fashion items, trending or about to trend, that you won’t be able to wait to take to the next rave or festival.

We’re combining this fun and fashion with the practical essentials. We’re going to offer you the best products for every one of your festival needs - including products you didn't know existed or would never have thought of. These products and our advice are going to make your festival living so much smoother. …And sorry veterans but our site is going to provide so much festival-related knowledge you're going to have to deal with festival newbies preaching to you about 'well you should have...'

We’ve got big ambitions for My Festival Friend and big plans already set out ...but we don't just want to achieve this by being a company, the music and festival scene is way too enjoyable for that. We want to to delight and amuse our customers and followers, building strong bonds with you whilst we do that. 

...We’re hoping to inspire festival plans, bring new life to the rave scene and make it impossible to not get hyped up for the summer ahead! ...And let's face it, it's pretty hard not to anyway.

We want to be that naughty site that you slip onto at work when your heads overloaded with tedious stuff and you need an escape. We want to be that site that even when you’re feeling down still manages to strike a smile on your face!

In return we hope you can help us along our pathway and share a lot of laughs with us as we grow. Please add us on social media if you haven’t already.

Peace out.

Dilly Dilly!

See you in the rave.

We hope you enjoyed!

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