5 Fabulous Disney Princess Cosplay Ideas 👸

Cosplay parties are extremely fun yet it can be a daunting process – from thinking of the costume to how you want your makeup, sometimes you’re not even sure where to start. 

But there is a go-to cosplay idea that can be easy or hard to assemble, depending on your creativity and those are Disney princesses! Whether you’re attending a cosplay event yourself or deciding what your daughter can wear to her first cosplay, these fabulous princesses will make the event more memorable.

And if you’re having a hard time deciding which beautiful Disney princess you want to be, here are five ideas that are great for any cosplay event.

1. Cinderella

One of the easiest cosplay ideas for a Disney princess is Cinderella – before the fairy godmother of course! You’ll likely find the various pieces in your closet if you’re resourceful. For instance, as your primary dress, try to find a knee-length cream or off-white dress with 3/4th sleeves. If you can’t find that, you may also go for an all-brown dress with 3/4th sleeves.

As for your apron, try grabbing an apron that’s opposite the dress color. So if you have a cream dress, grab a dark-colored apron. And if you have a brown dress, you can go for a white-colored apron. Then find a piece of blue handkerchief and tie it around your head as a headband. And to finish the entire look, you can grab a pair of brown or black ballet flats.

2. Pocahontas

Did you know that Pocahontas was the first Disney princess who had two love interests? If you want to come to a cosplay event as a daughter of a Native American chief, then this Disney princess is your best bet. 

The whole Pocahontas ensemble can either be DIYed or ordered online. If you plan to DIY your Pocahontas costume, here’s a rundown of the steps: 

  • Pick an earthy coloured material
  • Fold it in two to make a head hole
  • Cut a hole which fits your head
  • Then cut the bottom part for the fringes and turn it into a poncho
  • For the skirt, choose the same material and fit over your hips
  • Cut the bottom part for the fringes
  • To amp up your costume, wear the Best cat claw gloves for style

3. Ariel

Hold your horses, we’re not telling you to wear a mermaid tail that covers both your legs. Simply making an Ariel-inspired skirt would be awesome for the next cosplay party.

You can grab an ordinary skirt that’s up to your ankles. Then using a green felt paper, you can create scale-like cut-outs. Make sure they’re in different colors. Pair with a white tank top or white triangle bikini top. 

4. Rapunzel

Who wouldn’t want to be Rapunzel with her long, golden hair? This ensemble is pretty easy to whip up. All you have to do is grab a pink dress and grab a big roll of yellow yarn. Then by braiding it to look like Rapunzel’s hair, you’ll be all set for the event. 

5. Elsa

If you have a long tutu skirt, then you already have the base for Elsa’s cosplay idea. But if not, you can make it from scratch. The materials you need are:

  • Blue and white glitter tulle
  • Silver glitter iron-on
  • Cricut
  • Elastic
  • White long sleeve shirt
  • Blue and white cami



Written by Eliza Brooks

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