Let it Roll Winter 2019 Review – 'A winter Rave' by Roman Suter

Summer is on its way and everyone's rearing up for festival season but Roman reminds us that winter wasn’t a write off for everyone. …He made the trip to Prague for Let it Roll Winter festival, hoping it would warm his soul, and it worked.

What is a raver craving in these cold winter months? A weekend full of your favourite DJ’s, dancing and going mental with thousands of strangers, having a good time? I was craving all this and took a trip to Prague to check out Let it Roll Winter!

Expectations were high as the Lineup was looking absolutely brilliant with main acts such as Camo & Krooked, Sub Focus and King of the Rollers. First positive, the festival is in the city of Prague. No hour-long journey where your beer gets warm before you’ve even reached the festival, but a quick 15-minute tram ride from the centre and we reach the area for Let it Roll - one big arena. You can hear the bass already from outside and my little raver heart already starts pumping. Hearing the music in the distance, I just want to get through security, put some money on my wristband (for the cashless paying) and put my winter jacket away. Thankfully all this was super-fast because everything worked perfectly. And then there she is… the massive stage throwing colours and lasers at you, paired with this amazing sound of drum and bass. Etherwood, with his smooth sound of liquid dnb just lets you forget the cold weather and brings you into your own world of pure vibing. Giving it a little shake, you look to your mate and something is clear. It’s defo time to fuel up with some booze. Super easy, because there are bars everywhere around the dancefloor. Over the two days it never took me longer than five minutes to get to the lovely bartender. In my opinion the cashless paying is awesome because what's worse than having someone in front of you looking for the right amount of money in a currency he doesn't understand. 

What I love about Let it Roll was the size. The first few meters from the stage were pretty packed but the further you are away the more space you got which for me is super important, then I can have a good skank without crashing into people all the time. But if you do, the people were all super friendly and you became instant friends with everybody around. Let it Roll brings so many different countries together. Expectedly most of them are from Europe but I had some good chats with guys and girls from Canada and New Zealand. And it is clear that the DnB family is spread all around the world and enjoy traveling to rave in the best possible way. I certainly made some more friends and hopefully I’m gonna see them at other festivals this summer - An amazing crowd and atmosphere all through Let it Roll! I know there is always that idiot who annoys everybody around him and starts an argument but luckily I couldn't find him. Maybe I was just too distracted by the music and the glowing stage. It truly cast it’s magic on me. 

The music was so nicely balanced. They only have one stage so it is clear that you can't always make everyone happy with the DJ that’s playing. But for me they had that figured out pretty well starting with the vibey tunes of liquid DnB such as Etherwood or Pola&Brison which got you in best mood. Followed up with deep rolling sound from Spy, King of the Rollers and others. The later the night got the harder the drops and the DnB got.

I couldn’t decide which of the two days I liked more because both of them delivered all sorts of DnB from Artists who wanted to drive the crowd crazier than the one before. But if I needed to give my top three acts from Let it Roll and why I would go with these ones:

The first one is probably not a surprise and if you have heard them before you’ll agree... Camo & Krooked with their unique sound absolutely turned the arena into a madhouse. Banger after banger just blasted out of the sound system and even the switches between songs made the people go mad.

Second one would be King of the Rollers. Take three amazing artist named Voltage, Serum and Bladerunner and spike them with a happy, full of energy hype-man Inja and you’ve got yourself a rave! The deep tunes make your knees drop, your body go low and you skank hard. And the change from the growling deep air-horn tunes to fast upbeat jump-up causes the crowd to go into some sort of delirium. I look around and can only see people living in the moment, celebrating the music with their friends.

I can't really give you number three because the level of music was just too high. Deciding between Etherwood and Ed Rush is just too hard… I am always split in what I like more, just vibesing getting lost in the beautiful tunes and vocals of liquid DnB or going absolute rampage to some neuro funk. But in this two-day festival you got all of it!

…So you better grab your friends and go on a trip to Prague next year! Let it Roll was an absolute banger and a massive rave. I see why it was sold out so quick. Let it Roll definitely makes the music scene of drum and bass proud and every DnB lover’s heartbeat a bit quicker!

 - Roman Suter


Photography by Sophie Harbinson & Jakob Doležal. Thank you to Let It Roll for permission.

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  • I’ve been to both and I’m 100 percent saying summer, although like you say… it’s the perfect warm up to start the year off !! 😎🤙

    Lewis bailey
  • So what is better vibes Roman? Let it Roll Winter or Summer? 👀

    J Shells

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