Here at My Festival Friend we've selected our tents so they are tailored to your every possible festival need.

Tent manufacturers are notoriously bad for overstating the number of people tents are suitable for.

I'm sure if you've camped at even one festival you would have heard someone complain, jokingly or despairingly, (depending on how much faith they entrusted in that tent company) on how their tent wrongly advertised the number of people it could accommodate and not even 4 of the shortest, slimmest hobbits could have lasted a night in there, without their backpacks!

Well we've cut out the bullshit. We've told you exactly how many people we think these tents are suitable for.

We've used our festival experience and we've inspected the measurements meaning that you don't have to!

We've assessed accessibility, ventilation, heat conduction, door openings, guy ropes, material, weight, carry cases, tent height, flooring, colour etc.

You will not see a black tent on our site, what's the point queuing half an hour for a shower just to enter a sweat box soon as you’re back at campsite.

We've also summarised the tent specs for you effectively in the MFF table.

Making it easy for you to find the information you're after.

We're convinced we have every possible tent style you could desire for a festival.

If you think there is something we could add, please hit us up on social media - we love hearing from our customers.

We've selected the best ones at the best prices.

Festivalling isn't cheap so we've made sure we look after your pretty pennies. We're still proud to say a large number of our tents come from big name top manufacturers and we've got no doubt that with the quality products our other manufacturers provide, they will be in that bracket soon.