Delivery Zones, Times & Information

Delivery Times:

All GloFX & Outline Visual Enhancement Products:

Domestic delivery times:

UK delivery should be between 1-2 days and, next day delivery is possible if an order is placed before midday.

Approximate international delivery times:

Please be aware of any UK bank holidays which may delay your order as we will be unable to send parcels until our post offices re-open.

Western Europe Delivery Time: Approximately 3-5 working days

Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland.

Eastern European Delivery Time: Approximately 5-7 working days

Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey.

Outside Europe: Usually within 7-10 working days

Worldwide delivery expected within (but not limited to) 7 days, postage times will vary by location.


Domestic and International delivery times:

The majority of our camping products are able to be shipped out same day or next day and should be with you within 2 days.

The majority of our camping products are not available for international delivery. The best thing to do is to email us or message us on social media if you would like to find out whether a product is suitable for international delivery as our international delivery information in the product description may not always be accurate.

Clothing & Accessories:

Domestic and International delivery times:

We stock a lot of My Festival Friend favourites in common sizes which can be ready to be shipped to our customers in 1-2 days. Where we can do this we will always opt to as we love providing MFF customers with our special MFF packaging as well as MFF stickers & freebies for them to enjoy. We will therefore state in delivery on the product's pages: UK 2 day + Next day option or Next day delivery option available.

However, to reduce wastage, a lot of My Festival Friend clothing is made on a print/make on demand basis and therefore we advise this takes approximately 14 days to arrive, but in our experience it is often a lot quicker.

We can deliver the majority of MFF clothing worldwide. If we have any problems delivering to your destination country we will contact you and refund you if necessary. We also offer an international delivery discount to encourage international orders. So look for this in the product description.

All products:

In rare instances we do not have a product in stock, we reserve the right to fulfil the sale by using another supplier if we can expect to achieve a similar delivery time. If we cannot achieve a similar delivery time we will inform you of this before continuing with the order.

If a delivery time is not stated in the product description then it can be assumed that the delivery time is approximately 14 days, usually items come quicker than this but they have also been known to take longer.

With all our products that do not state International Delivery it is always worth checking whether we can provide international delivery as we often can but have not had time to update product descriptions.

IMPORTANT: Next day delivery, is only available when we state this in the products description and then when you select: the delivery option UK 2 day + Next day option on the product page. For example occasionally products that do not fit the specifications for next day delivery as specified when selecting delivery at checkout: (Must fit in 240mm x 165mm x 5mm box) (<0.75kg) appear for next day delivery at check out. We work hard to make this a rarity, but if selected we will assume the product is still wanted and send it out. We apologise if this causes  any inconvenience.

General Delivery Information:

Missing parcels/ Damaged goods/ Unexpected items

Although we do our best to consistently offer an outstanding customer experience, life being what it is, we understand sometimes things don’t always go to plan. Whether it is a problem with a missing parcel, damaged in transit goods or if you have received something you weren’t expecting, please rest assured that we will do everything possible to fix any issue.

If there is a problem with your order the best way to contact us is by sending an email to It is helpful for us if you include the order number found on your confirmation email, your postal address as it should be written and attach any pictures where appropriate. We aim to reply to all messages within one working day.

Missing Parcels

Please be aware that all delivery times quoted are a guideline as set out by our postage provider and on the rare occasion a parcel may take a little longer than stated to arrive. As per our terms of service, it is our policy to only re-send a parcel after we have submitted a lost parcel claim. For UK orders made with a 2 day standard delivery, we must wait 10 working days to make a lost parcel claim. For UK orders with a 14 days standard delivery we must wait 30 days. For European orders we must wait 20-30 days and for any counties outside of Europe we must wait 25-35 days. We will always aim to get you a refund for delivery in these rare circumstances.

Damaged Goods

If an item arrives to you in any condition which is less than perfect and you report it to us via email straight away then we will replace the item. Please be aware that all incoming and outgoing goods are quality checked and we will not accept liability for items which have been damaged after being used unless it was due to a proven manufacturer fault.

Unexpected items

My Festival Friend receives hundreds of orders every month, although 99.9% of items are sent out correctly, one or two have been known to slip through the net every so often (we are only human after all!). If you have received something that you haven’t ordered then please send us an email to let us know and we’ll sort out the issue straight away. Occasionally there will be prices listed on the side of packages that may be much smaller than the actual worth of the items, ignore these prices they are placed there by our distributors so they can get cheaper delivery rates when passing through foreign customs. We do not condone this, but we have failed to identify when they do this and stop them from doing it.

Processing Time

Delivery Times do not include processing time, however MFF aims to process orders in one working day. Delivery Times are only estimates and we have stated them as accurately as we can. Products will often arrive much earlier than the delivery time. If you have pressing needs for one of our products we suggest you message us to confirm the reliability of the delivery time or pick a product with a faster delivery time.